704 Children in India Receive Shoes, Backpacks and School Supplies

2 kids smiling after getting sandals

We helped over 704 children with backpacks and school supplies. We also included a pair of shoes with the pack as well.

Abraham, our partner in India, noticed majority of these village children without a pair of footwear. They came to the event barefooted. But thanks to Chappal Charity and Wisdom for Asia they went back with a pair of shoes. These shoes are water proof, so they could use them at any weather conditions.

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400 Children in Cambodia Given Sandals

In October 2018, before children go back to school in Cambodia, our partners were able to pass out 400 shoes. Many of the children in this area do not have shoes or any type of footwear. The children and the families were extremely excited and very grateful; they have seen God’s love for them. Some said that God answered their …

251 Children in India Helped

On June 18, our partners, Wisdom for Asia traveled 4 hours to Rajanagaram Village in India. They helped 251 Children in the village government school by providing backpacks filled with school supplies. One of items in the bag was a pair of shoes. Kids loved seeing a pair of quality shoes in their backpack. The Headmaster and the community leaders …

180 Children Receive Sandals

In April 2017, our global partners were able to hold programs at two churches within Cambodia. 180 children showed up in total and each child received a pair of sandals (chappals) and a snack! At the first program 135 children attended and at the second program, 145 children attended. Our partners were extremely pleased with the number of children and …

190 Children in India Receive Sandals and Toothbrushes


Our partner in India, Wisdom for Asia, used the funds we provided to deliver much needed supplies to at least 190 children in Andhra Pradesh, India. These children received needed sandals to protect their feet and even a toothbrush, toothpaste and a tongue scraper. As you can see from the smiles on the children’s faces, these items are things they …