About Us

In 2001, I fasted for three days during the month of May. I was fasting in regard to my future and God revealed to me specific things that He wanted me to do. One of the things was about chappal ministry ; the translation of the word chappal is slippers or flip-flops. The verse that has inspired me for this ministry is Mark 6:8-9, “He commanded them to take nothing for the journey…but to wear sandals…”; according to this verse, sandals are a requirement.

Suja Samuel Founder of Chappal Charity
Suja Samuel: President and Founder of Chappal Charity

Initially, I thought that I was supposed to take this ministry to India, as that’s my homeland. So in 2006, when I went to Kerala, India, I wanted to distribute sandals for the people at the church I attended as a child. Unfortunately, things did not work out as I expected and I was disappointed. Since then, I have thought about the chappal ministry once in a while, but it still had not become a reality.

While in Cambodia 07, for mission trip, I had taken a bag of various items for the kids. I brought random things like pencils, chocolate, a cup, make-up, a bracelet, and a pair of pink flip-flops. At the first orphanage that we visited, while the kids were receiving toys, I wanted to give them the things that I brought, but they were random items so I decided to give them to the pastor’s wife. As i was giving it to her, I caught a glimpse of the pink flip-flops and God reminded me what He had spoken to me long ago.

Since then, I have been praying about it. While visiting the kids for the Feed the Children program in Cambodia, I saw that one of the basic needs of the children, sandals, was not met. I believe that they don’t have sandals because they cannot afford them. I started taking pictures of the many feet without shoes, realizing the need. I decided that it was time for me to do something.

My desire was to be able to send money to Cambodia on behalf of the Chappal Ministry specifically to buy sandals for the children during Christmas.

In the year 2007, with the help of Church of Harvest, family and friends, we were able raise $750.00